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COVID-19 Update

During this pandemic, we are OPEN for regular veterinary care, emergency care, and more. To help us provide adequate social distancing, we are currently not allowing clients to come into the clinic. Instead, we are offering “concierge curbside service”. This curbside service allows us to provide the same great veterinary care, while providing adequate social distancing for clients and staff. This recommendation has been made to veterinary clinics statewide. Staff will be wearing masks, and we ask that you do while with us too. Thanks for helping to stop the spread of the virus!

We understand that there are a high volume of patients frequenting emergency clinics and want you to know that we are here to help. This includes urgent issues such as “hot spots”, dog/cat fights, ear infections, difficulty breathing, hit by car, limping, vomiting, etc. as well as general wellness care such as vaccines and blood work. Please call ahead and press 1 so we can appropriately triage over the phone, and prepare for your visit.

We are asking that if you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 such as difficulty breathing, cough, fever, or if you have had known contact with a person positive for this virus to please reschedule your appointment.


If you need to bring your pets in, simply call 503-614-9061 to schedule an appointment as “normal”. Once you arrive, call the clinic to let us know you are here. Press 2 to talk to one of our staff. If you leave a voicemail, we are not always able to check them right away. Please call again.

We are asking that all cats be in a carrier, and all dogs be on their own leash. We will provide a second leash for extra safety. You may be able to walk a fearful pet to the door but we are not allowing clients into the building at this time. A staff member will come get them from your vehicle while you wait.

The doctor will perform their exam, and will come to your car or call you to discuss your pet’s care and any potential diagnostics and/or treatments. This may be on a private phone line, so please be sure to answer all phone calls.

Once complete with their appointment, a staff member will call you to go over discharge instructions and collect payment. You have the option to pay over the phone or on our online payment portal! We will then bring your pet and all appropriate medications out to your vehicle.

We are also still available for “drop off” appointments if you have a medical emergency and need immediate care or your pet requires hospitalization.


At this time, we are allowing one member of the family to come into the clinic for end of life services. We have them enter through a side door, and are asking that owners wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.

Medication refill:

We are providing medication refills as normal, including flea and heartworm prevention. Call our clinic at 503-614-9061 and press 5. As long as your pet is current within the last year on their wellness exam, simply leave a detailed voicemail of your pet’s refill needs. We will then contact you once your medication is ready to go!

With some exceptions due to size of packages, we are now offering FREE shipping on medications. This will be shipped by USPS. You may also come by the clinic to pick them up at your convenience. Simply give the clinic a call when you arrive, and then you have the option to pay over the phone or on our online payment portal. A staff member will then run it out to your vehicle.

Prescription diets:

We are providing prescription food pick up as normal. Be aware that Royal Canin and Hills are both experiencing intermittent shortages with various foods due to the pandemic, so plan early. Please call ahead to ensure that we have your food in stock, or we can have it special ordered to the clinic. Simply give the clinic a call when you arrive, and then you have the option to pay over the phone or on our online payment portal. A staff member will then run it out to your vehicle. Please have the trunk or backseat open for us to place in your car. Another alternative is online food ordering through our online store. They offer non-prescription diets as well!

We are following all recommended CDC protocol for essential businesses such as frequent hand washing, sanitization of all high touch surfaces, social distancing as possible, and wearing masks. If you have any additional questions about our standards of care, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We feel very fortunate to remain not only open for business but to be able to provide quality care for our clients and community. Thank you for your support, and we appreciate your understanding as we all navigate this new landscape together.