Medical Services

senior dog laying on exam table while vet professional gives him a checkup

The primary reason we are here is to help your pet if they are sick, or injured, or not feeling well.

Our doctors are skilled at diagnosing and treating our patients. They work together as a team with our trained staff of certified animal health technicians, veterinary assistants, receptionists, managers, and other support staff. Diagnosing your pet’s condition starts with a complete medical history and a thorough examination and assessment by one of our doctors. All of our doctors are committed to the care of our patients. Our medical records are completely computerized to make them legible and assessable. With each visit, you will receive a full copy of your pet’s evaluation and treatment plan.

Some problems are easily diagnosed and others are not. Our veterinarian will discuss the viable options in diagnosing your pet’s illness and will recommend what they feel the best approach is. We have access to a full range of laboratory tests in-house and with an outside certified veterinary reference laboratory and access to the advice of veterinary specialists should that be necessary. In most cases, we have laboratory results within hours or the next day.

Our veterinarian will discuss the treatment options that are appropriate for your pet and recommend what they feel is best.

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To learn more about the veterinary medical services we offer, or to schedule a consultation for your pet, call us at 503-614-9061.