Dr. Anjana Mohanraj


Dr. Mohanraj joined BFPC in 2020 and always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. She finished her veterinary degree in India at Madras Veterinary College, TANUAS in Chennai and then certified for practice in the United States at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Dr. Mohanraj moved to Oregon “on a whim originally, but I love it. The city I’m from in India is very green and rainy and so Oregon seems like a home away from home for me.” She has two mixed breed dogs back with her parents in India, and is hoping to find her own rescue dog very soon.

“I consider myself so lucky to be in a field of work where I can put my heart and mind into understanding the needs of animals. There is always a moment when the animal I’m treating realizes I’m trying to help them and that moment is more of a reward than I could ever ask for.” She also enjoys singing, playing guitar, anything musical really. She’s looking forward to exploring the trails around Oregon and looks forward to finding all of the water she can swim in.