Our Hospital

Bethany Family Pet Clinic is devoted to your pet’s well being.

Our mission is to benefit the pets we care for and the pet owners we serve. We are in the business of preserving and improving the health of our animal patients. We are dedicated to helping them live longer and healthier lives. We believe that our role in caring for the health of pets is vitally important and we take it very seriously. We respect and cherish the bond that owners have with their pets and we will serve to help support that bond.

We seek to understand and to pursue what makes a pet clinic function at a level of excellence that exceeds norms in the industry. We strive to be innovative in our approach to providing veterinary services. We intend to differentiate ourselves from competing hospitals by providing superior service and care.

Key fundamentals include:

1) Excellent Patient Care
We will provide an excellent level of patient care through our medical and surgical expertise, striving to ever improve. We will act and advocate for our patients to receive the best care. We will be thorough in our patient examinations, evaluation, and recommendations.

2) Exceptional Client Service
We will provide clients with exceptional service by anticipating and providing for their needs and wants. We will provide personalized, warm and friendly service. We will limit client waiting time. We will follow through on any promises or commitments that we make to our customers.

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