Pet Insurance

Although nearly three-quarters of all pet care expenses are the result of injury and disease, a pet’s wellbeing is priceless. Pet insurance guarantees financial peace of mind. Your pet will receive the best care available, without the burden of overwhelming charges. Like normal health insurance, the pet variety protects your pet against future injury and disease by covering the vast majority of healthcare costs. However, no insurance provider will cover current or “pre-existing” conditions, making it important that your pet is insured before problems arise.

Choosing Your Provider

While Bethany Family Pet Clinic accepts all major pet insurance providers, we recommend the industry leader Trupanion for the majority of our patients. This policy delivers the greatest value for the price, while offering a large range of customizable options to fit each customer. Trupanion features include:

  • 90% coverage for veterinary costs, minus a deductible of your choosing
  • No-hassle claims that eliminate guesswork by showing you the amount insurance will cover before you leave Bethany Family Pet Clinic
  • Lifetime deduction coverage per health condition

No owner should ever have to sacrifice his or her pet’s health due to the inability to pay. To start the discussion about pet insurance, please contact Bethany Family Pet Clinic today!